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  As the Rosarion Kingdom prepares for war against the Dubois Kingdom, little do they know that there is a sinister plan working in the shadows. A revengeful king has framed the Dubois Kingdom by poisoning the Rosarion King and Queen. Caught in the middle are their three children, led by the oldest girl, who must overcome many obstacles to find the only possible cure. They find hope in the legend of the Rose River, but finding it will not be easy, as many don't even believe it exists.
   But, in her actual reality, Vitzeli, the oldest finds out of her parents' plans to divorce. The next morning she falls victim to a brain injury and coma. There, her imagination takes her inner struggles to a dream world called Cornerstonia.
  Come along on an epic adventure to the faraway lands of Cornerstonia.  There awaits a Narnia style world, with a creative storyline. This is a novel written by a Christian author, which empowers three children to willfully overcome many challenges for the sake of their parents.
   A novel for those who enjoy creative fiction, from older children to adults. Welcome to the world of Cornerstonia: The Rose River Journey.
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