Facing the inevitable announcement of her parents separation, Vitzeli, being the oldest is deeply saddened. A cold winter morning becomes tragic, when a car accidentally  smashes into her door leaving her in a coma. She is now in the Intensive Care Unit, confined to a bed and completely  unaware of her surroundings. But, her imagination is wide-awake and active; it opens the doors to an imaginary world, an alternate reality—a land called—Cornerstonia.
    Here we see her family again, this time as the royals of The Rosarion Kingdom. In this dream world, her parents; the King and Queen are poisoned by another king. With no cure in sight, hope arrives in the form of an old legend spoken through out Cornerstonia: about the powerful Rose River. An underground river with healing water, which can treat any disease or ailment, but finding the Rose River will not be easy. Now, with the clock  ticking and as time is running out, Princess Vitzeli leads her two younger siblings on a journey to find the cure.
    Their journey begins with a search for a lost map, which will lead them to the Rose River. They travel through unique places and face many obstacles, while meeting many interesting characters.
    As an attack on their kingdom is looming and as the trumpets of war blast through out Cornerstonia; can Princess Vitzeli lead her siblings to her parents cure—before it is too late?
    Beyond her dreams and in her hospital room, her parents are forced to be together as their new journey also begins.
The Story
Princess Vitzeli 
The Rose River Rose